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Things have been busy in the Zinck household. Our days are filled with school, ministry work, cooking, cleaning, raising kids and trying to live each day for the Lord. In the early morning hours I often find myself thinking about what is to come in the day. What am I going to make for lunch? What do I… Continue reading Ready

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This past Saturday we were excited to spend some time at the beach as a family. If you've been reading this blog for a while you already know that the beach isn't exactly our favorite place to be, but they were having Sand Castle Days at South Padre Island and we were excited to go… Continue reading Llamas!

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Out With the Old

It amazes me how quickly junk piles up and clutters our home. Sometimes I'm not even sure where the stuff comes from. It's like it just sprouts up through the carpet. So, to keep my sanity I've found it necessary (and refreshing) to frequently organize or get rid of things in our house. With a million things to do… Continue reading Out With the Old

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It All Begins at Home

I grew up in the culture that most young girls live in today. A culture that encourages girls to surpass their gender roles to do and be anything. We were told that being a woman shouldn't stop us from reaching our dreams and that we should work hard to meet, or even beat, the roles… Continue reading It All Begins at Home

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The Perfect Place to Be

Fall is my favorite season. Gorgeous deep reds, oranges and yellows paint the skylines and the cool, crisp air rejuvenates the soul. Well, somewhere it does. You see, we live in South Texas. The only time we see leaves change color and fall is when they die. I didn't always live in South Texas. I… Continue reading The Perfect Place to Be

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Seven Years Ago Today…

Time is a tricky thing. Sometimes it seems to drag on (like when you are waiting for an overdue baby to arrive) and sometimes it feels like you blink and years have gone by. Right now I am experiencing the latter. It is hard for me to believe that it has been seven years already. Seven years… Continue reading Seven Years Ago Today…

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Full-Time Missionary

I didn't always dream of being a missionary. When I was a kid my future profession ranged anywhere from school teacher to astronaut to author. It wasn't until I had gone on my first mission trip in high school that I knew  for sure that I wanted to give my life to spreading the Gospel and… Continue reading Full-Time Missionary

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Beautiful Delight

In the 6 1/2 years Phillip and I have been married we have only been to the beach a handful of times. Since having kids we've only been twice, the second time being this past Sunday. We only live about 45 minutes away and yes, the cresting water and sandy beaches are breath-taking, it just isn't… Continue reading Beautiful Delight

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Olivia’s Birth Story

Olivia’s birth story really begins four years ago when we had our first, Emma. As we planned and prepared for the birth of our first we simply knew that we would do things the way most people do: we would go to the hospital, have an epidural to ease the pain and welcome our new… Continue reading Olivia’s Birth Story

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Sunday Again

Church. It is that time again and as I get myself and my girls ready I find myself thinking about all the things that go into it. Dress nice. Get the kids to sit politely. Eat a late lunch. Yes, those are all things that run through my mind just about every Sunday. I won't lie, or pretend that… Continue reading Sunday Again