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Sunday Again


It is that time again and as I get myself and my girls ready I find myself thinking about all the things that go into it.

Dress nice.

Get the kids to sit politely.

Eat a late lunch.

Yes, those are all things that run through my mind just about every Sunday. I won’t lie, or pretend that I only think about God on this day, but I need to remind myself that this day is about the Lord.

I know, I know, every day should be about the Lord. Yet from the very beginning God stressed the importance of having a day set aside for Him. We are to take time out of our week and our daily routines to worship Him. Church isn’t just another event to fill our schedules yet so many times it becomes routine and we find ourselves asking “is it Sunday again?”

So today, as I sit here in the moments before I leave my house and walk (yes, we live that close) to church, I want to prepare my heart for what is about to come.

Testimonies: A time to rejoice with the body of Christ over the many awesome things God does for us.

Worship: Time to put away the distractions, the worries, the every-day chores and dwell in the presence of God. This is the most intimate of times, and (if we let it) can set the stage for the glory of God.

Message: The word of God is spoken and received and encourages me to dive deeper into the Word in my own personal studies and spiritual walk.

All of these things depend on me. It isn’t about how good the worship band is or how interesting the pastor is. It isn’t even about how well-behaved my children are. It is about how much I want to experience God on this day. It is about how much I want to give to Him.

So even though I’m tired from a long night with Olivia, frustrated because my nice clothes still don’t fit me and already trying to figure out lunch, I will force these thoughts from my mind and make room for the lover of my soul.


My date night with Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Again”

  1. Oh my gosh, so awesome. I love it. So so true. I’m copying and pasting this and putting it in my notes as a reminder! You are awesome. Congrats on your baby girl! I have one daughter, she is turning 7 months on the 1st, so I know and clearly remember those nights! But oh it is so worth it. I can’t imagine having 2 other little ones to mange though with a 6 week old!! I will soon be there so I may need some advice!! 🙂

    1. Thank you! God is so good and children are such a blessing. I’m always amazed at how God provides and makes it possible to do things we never thought we could. You will do great when the time comes for another baby, as long as you put it in the Lord’s hands! Thanks again for reading and commenting.

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