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Things have been busy in the Zinck household. Our days are filled with school, ministry work, cooking, cleaning, raising kids and trying to live each day for the Lord.

In the early morning hours I often find myself thinking about what is to come in the day.

What am I going to make for lunch?
What do I need to plan for Emma’s school?
When am I going to squeeze in some exercise time?

There are so many things running through my mind, so many adventures we can embark on in just one day, that it can be hard to start the morning with what I really need: Jesus.

I know what I need.

Take a deep breath.

Close my eyes.

Let everything else fall away so that I am free.

Free to step into the presence of my Savior. Free to sit at His feet. Free to lift my heart to Him in praise. Free to listen.

His love is all I need. His words sustain me. His grace revives my soul.

Let the day come, with its mundane chores or pint-sized adventures.

With my hand in His and His words on my heart,

I’m ready.

Are you?

Phillip holding Emma’s hand. This picture often reminds me to take the hand of my Heavenly Father like a little child, with complete love and faith.

1 thought on “Ready”

  1. I loved this. I needed to hear it so badly today, to just breat he. I wrote my blog last night how I felt the need to just worship. How often do we get sooo busy and forget to get READY. very awesome

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