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Missionary Training School

October is coming quickly, and with it our 4th Missionary Training School. It is a month-long, intensive training for anyone who feels the Lord calling them into ministry. It is a time for the students to seek the Lord, learn from others, go out and minister and, prayerfully, develop the call God has on their lives.

The mornings start early. While the stars are still out and the air is crisp the students will walk the paved path that circles the camp to seek the Lord. It is their time to spend with Him, and many of them are changed in this alone.

By 6 am they have finished their hour and a half of prayer and are busy working on the camp. Emptying trash cans, washing vans, mopping floors…it isn’t glamorous but it is needed, and it teaches how to be a servant.

At 8 they have finished their breakfast and are ready to begin class. We make sure to keep coffee around, and we expect our students to be wide-eyed and ready to learn. The classes vary as much as the teachers do and the students will get a buffet of spiritual and practical lessons. Want to know how to give a story-telling sermon? Ben will teach you. Want to know what it means to serve as a missionary? Ask Byron, but watch out for his machete in class. Interested in how to manage a family and marriage while serving God full-time? That’s where we come in (we tag-team the 2 part class).

After class and lunch the students split into small groups where they begin intense training on evangelism. We want to make sure they know how to share the Gospel, and share it well. We want to help them fine-tune their testimony and be prepared to speak to different groups of people. Throughout the month we take the training from the small-group out into the field where the students get to practice and see first-hand how to share Jesus with the people around them.

We have been blessed to watch our students grow in ministry after they go home. Our own ministry has even grown from the schools, with a few students joining us full-time. Most of all, we love to see how the Lord touches people, how he changes them and molds them when they surrender. It reminds us of the time we answered our call, and how He is still calling us today.

Here is a video from our last school:

2 thoughts on “Missionary Training School”

  1. I would love to talk to you about this! We have a ministry in Belize and one of the things we want to do is similar to what you are already doing! Currently we bring teams from the U.S. and Canada to do all types of outreach and we will continue to do that as it has resulted in many beautiful relationships but our focus is shifting to teaching the future leaders and missionaries…
    I pray God continues to bless your family and ministry ~~~
    Shawn Wilkerson
    Director, Project Sonrise / Belize Basecamp

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