Disaster Relief

In 2005, hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana hard. I remember it well. I had been with the ministry for 2 years at that time, and Phillip had just joined. The hurricane was bad, and people were hurting, so some of the ministry staff loaded up in a motor home and some vans and headed to Slidell, LA. The first week was just the guys, and they went house to house helping people clean. The second week some of us ladies joined in, and we set up in a Burger King parking lot. Something like that is hard to forget. I remember the makeshift shower we made where Burger King had kept it’s trash. I remember the tents and tables we set out with clothing and supplies. I remember the people coming through, hurting and desperate.

It also happens to be the time Phillip and I started to really get to know each other, as we worked together sorting clothes and praying for people.

Here is the only picture I could find from then, but there is Phillip, Ben and others getting ready by Burger King.

Copy of IMG_2058

Fast forward to last week, and we see another major hurricane tearing people’s homes, and lives, apart. Though Phillip and I are not in the U.S. to help the people of Houston, the ministry staff based out of Harlingen are. They have been sending supplies with other people, and they will be going themselves in a couple of weeks to take supplies and offer help where they can. I know the devastation is bad and the people need help. It is also an opportunity to share the love of Christ and the hope that comes from knowing Him.

Please keep them in your prayers as they go, and please consider supporting them in these efforts.

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