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Back to School

We started back about a month ago. It is hard to believe it has already been that long, but here we are, four weeks into our books. We have faced  new challenges, but we are working hard to find balance and hopefully learn a lot throughout the year.

We start off school together, everyone listening to a lesson and then discussing it. Logan sticks around sometimes, but often he is off playing. Olivia’s mind wanders, which doesn’t bother me, but she at least retains the most interesting parts (like when someone dies tragically). These lessons usually come from Mystery of History II (one of our favorite subjects) or Science in the Ancient World. Both of these books veer from the typical textbook and teach in more of a story-telling style. Both books have assignments and activities divided into “younger,” “older,” and “oldest” students, which works well for teaching multiple ages. This past week the kids have been learning about the early church in the 1st century in History, and about atoms in Science. Even Logan got in on the activities and retained some information, especially when they made atoms out of candy (he later asked for more protons for a snack).

With three kids learning, it can be hard to divide my time. It helps to have both Emma and Paige in a computer-based math curriculum and both are excelling in reading. Olivia is doing well beginning to read and Logan is learning some letters and numbers (and the parts of an atom).

Our space is tight, and is probably the biggest struggle. Sometimes we have to rotate who can be doing papers as we just don’t have space for everyone to have a desk out (we have fold-away desks). It shouldn’t be too much longer, though, before our new house is ready and we will have a designated school area! We can hardly wait.

We appreciate all of the support so many people give to our family and we ask that you keep our home-school days lifted up before the Lord!

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