Nicaragua for Jesus (from the eyes of a missionary family of 5)

In case you haven’t heard, we are in Nicaragua.

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I know, I haven’t been good about posting, but recently I’ve had a good excuse: we haven’t had internet. To be honest, not having internet has been quite enjoyable. Now not having AC has been a bit more of a challenge, but who said being a missionary was all fun and games? (ok nobody, I’m sure).

Phillip with all three girls.
Phillip with all three girls.

We have been based out of a newly leased house in Granada, Nicaragua and we are travelling to different cities throughout the country to do crusades. We are currently in Rivas and are enjoying a very comfy hotel with a beautiful lake/volcano view and two wonderful swimming pools. Of course we aren’t really here for all that (doesn’t hurt though, does it?). We are here to tell people about Jesus.

Emma & Paige outside our hotel
Emma & Paige outside our hotel

Spreading the Good News can happen in so many different ways. Even Jesus worked differently from one city to the next. Sometimes He used words, sometimes he did  things that turned a few heads (did He just spit on that person?!), other times he didn’t have to say or do anything, simply letting the faith of the people produce miracles. So I think it is important to remember that being witnesses for Him doesn’t always happen the same way every time.

For us, we have been going into the Nicaraguan schools (yes, public schools) and preaching the Gospel using the EvangeCube. It is a method that we have found quite effective. We love the simplicity and effectiveness of the cube in delivering the Gospel. It is always a joy to see so many children eagerly listening to the Gospel message, and so many accepting Him into their hearts to be their Savior.

But, to be honest, my favorite part of the trip so far was when Emma (almost 5) said that we should share a little card she had found (it told the salvation message through colors) with some little kids standing nearby. My heart leaped as she asked me to go share with them. I asked Annette, one of our fellow missionaries and translators, if she would help Emma out and she happily did so. Emma used fewer words than, well, anyone I’ve ever known (thanks Annette, for helping fill in the gaps) but the Lord still used her to preach His word and many of those little kids prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts.

Emma & Annette sharing the Gospel.

I know that a lot of people will probably scoff at this, and many other salvation stories we share. How could people come to know Christ so quickly? Certainly they are just raising their hands to be polite or probably already know Jesus. Yeah, it is possible. A matter of fact I talked to a group of kids today (after the EvangeCube had been shared with them) and they ended up blowing me away with the bible verses they knew. There is a good chance that those kids already knew Jesus and still raised their hands for salvation. You know what? That’s ok. The “count” isn’t important to me. The only thing that matters is that God’s word goes out, that people hear it and that lives are eternally changed. We cannot see into the Kingdom of Heaven or into the hearts of the people we minister to, but we must have faith in God’s word. Just as the mustard seed is tiny but grows to produce wonderful things even the smallest word or action can change the world for Jesus.

So as long as I have breath in me I will declare the love of Jesus to the world, and right now, to the people of Nicaragua. Life is too short and too precious to spend in fear of what people may think or how hard the journey might be. You have to just throw your trust wildly into the arms of the Lord and be willing to go, do and say anything He asks of you.

I can’t wait to find out what He will ask of us next…

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