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What’s Going On and What’s Coming Up

Well it has been much too long since my last post! God is richly blessing our family and we are so excited about what He has for us in the next few months. But before I talk about what is to come, let me give you an update on what’s been going on.

In late March our family travelled down to Aldama, Mexico to help set up for a pastors conference.

The whole family enjoying time in Aldama, Mexico.
The whole family enjoying time in Aldama, Mexico.

We had an amazing time getting away from the “norm” and leaving behind things like TV and internet. The kids loved running around the camp, playing with their bamboo sticks and helping out wherever they could. It is amazing to watch them grow in the Lord! Emma shared her testimony at a small outreach we did (she said “Hi, my name is Emma and I love Jesus”) as well as a verse she had recently memorized and Paige sang “Jesus Loves Me”. There is nothing better than watching our kids share their faith with others!


It seems that God is refreshing our family and our faith. He is pouring out His blessings on us and giving us needed times of rest and time together. We are enjoying homeschooling and the girls are learning constantly. Emma has grown to love cooking and helps out whenever she can. Paige is showing a growing interest and talent for singing and baby Olivia is just lighting up our lives with her sweet smile and contagious laughter.

This summer we will be spending a lot of time in Nicaragua. We will leave June 9th and return July 29th. I will be blogging much more, keeping everyone updated as we travel and spread the Gospel message.

So what will be doing? Well, we will be travelling all across the country, staying in different cities, taking part in crusades and outreaches, visiting schools and villages from the mountains to the beaches, all with three kids in tow. Every day I feel blessed to have opportunities like this; to show my kids the world, to teach them first-hand how to love others and give of themselves, to have them grow up with adventure, family and most importantly, the Lord. Will it be easy? Probably not. Will there be times when I just want to pull my hair out or catch the next flight home? Yeah. But that is what makes it exciting. It is during the trials that God shows up and His glory shines through and how I look forward to seeing Him move in my heart, my family and in all the people we will encounter in Nicaragua.

Please keep up us in your prayers as we prepare spiritually and physically for Nicaragua. You can also follow our blog to stay updated with what we are doing as we travel and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ this summer!

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