Nicaragua Adventure Summer 2013

To be honest, I’m not sure how to start this post. Words seem to escape me as I try to portray what our time here in Nicaragua has been.

To start, I should apologize for not posting more often. I had every intention of keeping everyone updated often, but things got busy and many times we simply didn’t have internet. I found myself lost in this beautiful country with little desire to make my way back to the world of technology.

We have been here since the beginning of June, and have only a week left. My heart is heavy to think about leaving, though I am eager to get back to a more relaxed schedule. We have been busy ministering throughout Nicaragua and have had great adventures as well as some difficult trials.

Our first crusade was in Rivas and we had an amazing time with an awesome group of pastors who really blessed us. In La Dalia we got a taste of the jungle and we even had to cross a river by foot to reach people living out in mountain villages. El Rama was called the Ironman trip and it turned out to live up to its name. We ministered up and down a river on a small boat with nothing more than a board to sit on. My body is still sore from that trip but it was worth it to be able to minister to people in such remote areas. Masachapa was our last crusade and the whole family loved being right on the beach. I was especially blessed by the young children we had working with us on our team and the desire they had to serve the Lord.

In La Dalia, Nicaragua
In La Dalia, Nicaragua
Crossing a river by foot in La Dalia to share the Gospel!
Crossing a river by foot in La Dalia to share the Gospel!
Paige riding down the river.
Paige riding down the river.

In between the crusades we’ve had some fun family times. We celebrated Emma’s  5th and Olivia’s 1st birthdays. Emma and Paige had beautiful princess dresses custom-made. We’ve been swimming, saw a few waterfalls, explored beautiful areas and made lots of new friends.

Emma, Paige & their cousins Riley & Madison looking out over the Pacific in Masachapa on Emma's birthday.
Emma, Paige & their cousins Riley & Madison looking out over the Pacific in Masachapa on Emma’s birthday.
Sight-seeing at a waterfall.
Sight-seeing at a waterfall.

I feel so blessed to be able to serve the Lord with my family. I think some of the best parts of our trip was watching our girls share Jesus with the Nicaraguan children through songs and verses. Sure, there were a lot of times when they were tired, grouchy and even sick, but the Lord used them just like He used Phillip and I.

Of course the absolute best part of being here is sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the Nicaraguan people. There is nothing better than sharing the greatest love that ever was and ever will be and seeing it change the lives of so many.

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