Home School on the Mission Field

Homeschooling is a challenging endeavor, no matter where you live. As missionaries we often face unique challenges in this area as well.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to raise our kids on the mission field and to teach them in the midst of it all. This year we began school at the beginning of August.

Emma is in 4th grade. Her favorite subject is History and her least favorite is Math. She is beginning to learn how to play Guitar, speak Spanish and do video editing.

Paige is in 2nd grade. Her favorite subject is Reading and she claims to have no least favorite. She is also learning to play the piano and she loves to go jogging.

Olivia is in Kindergarten. She is learning to read and write and has begun reading short stories. She is full of energy and has a wonderful, and humorous, imagination.

Logan is 3 and he is learning his alphabet and enjoying stories, coloring and cutting (maybe enjoying the scissors a little too much- we had to put those up out of reach). He puts the adventure into our home school days.

Emma4th LoganPreKOliviaK-1Paige2nd

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