Ebenezer Project

For the past year we have been working in a small community, Plan de Arenal, located just down the street from our base camp. The people there were all gifted land by the government, but did not have the means to build homes. Instead, black tarp and old pieces of tin were roughly assembled into dwelling places. Families were calling these shelters home, and they constantly fought to keep them upright during the rainy season.

We began holding weekly Bible studies that grew quickly. The adults and children meet for separate lessons, and we typically have 20 adults and between 30 and 40 kids. In October of 2016 a Sunday School class in Tennessee raised the money to build the first house. Soon after, the money was raised 4 more houses. The houses are small, but they are sturdy and safe and the families who have received them have been incredibly thankful.

In the next month two more houses will be built and by December we are hoping to see four more on top of that.

We have decided to name the project “Ebenezer” which comes from 1 Samuel 7:12, and means “stone of help.” The heart of this project is to build hope for the people of this community through the houses, through the Bible study and through the love of Jesus.

1 thought on “Ebenezer Project”

  1. I feel so blessed to know you both! May God bless you abundantly and his gospel be spread like an uncontainable wildfire through out your community and beyond!
    Love you guys!

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