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Nicaragua Med-Fest Part 2

If you missed part 1 of this post you can read it here: Nicaragua Med-Fest Part 1 During Med-Fest Phillip was busy, as usual, running back and forth making sure everyone was busy and everything was running smoothly, but when the kids got sick (all running fairly high fevers) I found myself at a standstill. I… Continue reading Nicaragua Med-Fest Part 2

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Nicaragua Med-Fest Part 1

We've been home from Nicaragua for nearly a week now and we have been busy catching up on our rest and getting settled back into our routine. A trip like that is hard on the family, but worth it when you look back at all the Lord did. During the pre-trip we stayed very busy preparing for… Continue reading Nicaragua Med-Fest Part 1

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Serving the Lord

We had a very productive day getting everything set up and ready for Med-Fest. There is still a lot to be done but it is great to see things coming together. There is a lot of preparation that goes into big events such as this one and it can be very exhausting, but when we get to… Continue reading Serving the Lord

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Getting Ready…

Well we had a good day preparing for Med-Fest. During the next few days we will continue setting up and getting ready for the 150 Americans that will be here soon to provide free medical care to the Nicaraguan people. We will have doctors, nurses, pharmacists and many others working to bless the people here and… Continue reading Getting Ready…

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From Nicaragua

Hello from Nicaragua! Our family along with much of the Way of the Cross staff travelled to Nicaragua yesterday to begin our 11 day journey to spread the Gospel and give free medical care during an event we call Med-Fest. We will be spending the next few days preparing for that event, and I'm excited… Continue reading From Nicaragua

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Jesus vs. Traditions: Challenge #1

In my last post I wrote about facing new challenges. That was over a week ago...sorry! Things have been busy here and it seems like I blink and a whole week is gone. We've been working hard but also enjoying this time of year. The holiday season is my favorite part of the whole year. It… Continue reading Jesus vs. Traditions: Challenge #1

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I've recently found myself taking a new perspective on challenges. I kind of like them. I even get excited about them. I'm  not talking about an especially hard math problem or a hard-to-beat game. I'm talking about some big, life-altering challenges. I've heard it said that people are creatures of habit, that we don't really… Continue reading Challenge

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Things have been busy in the Zinck household. Our days are filled with school, ministry work, cooking, cleaning, raising kids and trying to live each day for the Lord. In the early morning hours I often find myself thinking about what is to come in the day. What am I going to make for lunch? What do I… Continue reading Ready