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Getting Ready…

Well we had a good day preparing for Med-Fest.


At the Med-Fest grounds.

During the next few days we will continue setting up and getting ready for the 150 Americans that will be here soon to provide free medical care to the Nicaraguan people. We will have doctors, nurses, pharmacists and many others working to bless the people here and show them the love of Jesus. We will also have evangelism teams going out to local areas as well as working the grounds, so the Gospel message will be preached (as usual).

The girls did very well today and they were thrilled to end the day with a quick swim in the pool. Tomorrow we are mostly relaxing and I think Phillip and I are both looking forward to the possibility of a nap. Please continue to keep us in your prayers!

A quick side note- I’m having a hard time uploading pictures on WordPress. If I had more energy I’m sure I could get it to work better, but for now the pictures can all be found on our Facebook page. Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “Getting Ready…”

  1. Im so glad things are going well God continues to prove how faithful and constant He is in all our lives….He honors and blesses our obedience…keep it up love Aunt Heather

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