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House Project Update

Most who know us know that we are in the midst of building a home for our family here in Nicaragua. Our family thought about living here for many years before we made the move and we are incredibly excited about this next step of having a home to raise our kids in here.

We currently live in one of the small, round houses on the camp. It has certainly been interesting to have the six of us in a little over 600 sq. ft. for the past year and a half. We have found creative ways to make the most of the space we have and it has been an adventure! The biggest struggle we have faced is in homeschooling and Phillip’s administrative work. We do it all (school and Phillip’s office work) in our small living room and often find ourselves frustrated and tripping (and sometimes yelling) over each other. Needless to say we are very excited that the new house will have a separate space for Phillip’s office and the kids’ school.

The house is coming along great. Most of the lower level is built (no floor yet) and they will be finishing the floor of the second story next week. Next, they will be building the walls of the second story. We do, however, need to raise some more money to keep the construction going.

We still have a way to go before we are able to spend our first night under its roof. After they build the walls of the second story we still need the following: a roof, cement floor on the lower level, a fine cement finish over all the walls (this will allow us to paint), windows (we don’t run AC during the day so we need good windows to keep us cool!), electricity, plumbing, tile floors throughout, completed bathrooms, completed kitchen (cabinets and counter tops), a drop ceiling and paint on the walls.

If you would like to be a part of the construction of this house you can donate through PayPal or send a check to the Way of the Cross (address below). We are so thankful for all the people God has put in our lives to support our family as we serve the Lord in Nicaragua.

All donations sent through the ministry are tax deductible. Please put a note on the check indicating its purpose.

Way of the Cross Ministries                                                                                                                 224 N F St.                                                                                                                                               Harlingen, TX 78550

If donating through PayPal, please indicate the purpose of the money either through PayPal or through an e-mail sent to

Click Here to Donate through PayPal




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