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In a previous post I mentioned how Way of the Cross is building a house in a very poor community, where we do weekly Bible studies. The house is small by anyone’s standard, but it is a beautiful blessing to the family who will soon be living in it.

The family receiving the house, and literally all of the families living in the community, currently live in shacks built of tarp and old pieces of tin. They are living on land gifted to them by the government but have no means to build a secure home for themselves. Many of them are hard working but jobs pay so little that they simply cannot afford to put money into a house when they must feed their families. They fight the wind and rain that blows through the tarp and threatens to take what little possessions they have.

So now there is a family, thankful for their new house that will keep them safe and secure. Here we are, thankful as well, for the sweet couple from Tennessee who decided to forgo things they want so that they could donate the money to have the house built. We see God knitting together the body of Christ and we find ourselves most thankful for allowing us to be a bridge of sorts: connecting people from different cultures and  languages across thousands of miles and numerous borders to impact them both for the Kingdom of God.

What a privilege it is to serve the Lord!



*If you would like to fund a house or even come to Nicaragua and be a part of building, please let us know and we will get you more information! 


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