Jesus in the Schools

We had an amazing experience here at the WOTC base camp in Nicaragua last Thursday and Friday. We had close to 600 kids from the school down the street in our church (about 300 on Thursday and 275 on Friday), listening to the Gospel message and teachings on how to stay strong in the Lord.

You might be thinking this was another one of our planned events, but it wasn’t. Last week the director of the school came to us and asked if we could come to the school and pray over each classroom then bring all the kids to our camp to share the Gospel and talk to them. He shared with us that some of the kids had been dabbling in witchcraft, and he wanted us to teach them what the Bible had to say on the issue.

Wow. We have all been incredibly humbled, blessed and astonished by this opportunity. They didn’t ask for gifts or money, just the Word of the Lord to be spoken to the students. We shared a skit (the sin box) and the Gospel message then some of our former Missionary Training School students shared their testimonies and some advice concerning witchcraft. We ended with a teaching on the armor of God and encouragement for them strive every day to seek after God and His ways.

It is amazing to see God being invited into the schools and into the lives of these children.


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