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Waiting on the Lord

For the past month Way of the Cross has been hosting a Missionary Training School at our base camp in Nicaragua. We have had about 45 students who have been going through intense classes and hands-on learning. Phillip and I were excited to do a two-part class talking about marriage and family in missions and we have been having fun pouring into the students, especially our small group of 12.

Most afternoons we venture out with our group of 12 to do an outreach. We started off teaching them to minister one-on-one, picking small areas where the houses were dotted down dusty roads. We then moved into more populated areas, where the kids run out to greet us and people gather at the chance of receiving some rice and beans. We taught them to invite people to a bigger service and to work together to present the Gospel. It has been a blessing to watch them grow, get past their nervousness and step out of their comfort zones to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

With the school coming to an end the question of “what’s next?” is running through the minds of many. Both the students and the staff of Way of the Cross are seeking the Lord as to what is next in these future missionaries’ lives. Will they serve full time with Way of the Cross? Will they continue serving in their areas and churches? Will they venture into other countries? Only the Lord knows but I must say it is an exciting precipice to find yourself at: with your heart full of wonder and excitement as you wait on the Lord for what is to come.

It’s been many years since Phillip and I have been where the students are; first starting off on our missionary journey. We recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and we found ourselves beyond thankful for the years God has given us, not only together as a couple and family, but as missionaries for Him. We now find ourselves at a different precipice, as we are becoming more full-time in Nicaragua. It is a big change but as we wait on the Lord to see what He has in store, we find ourselves excited and eager to serve where and how He calls, much like the students. We are currently two months into our seven month stay in Nicaragua. We are excited about the new work happening here and the work that will happen in the coming months. We desire to be fluent in Spanish, so that we can minister more effectively. We long to minister more, to disciple more and to become more established in Nicaragua.

Please continue to pray for us as we live and serve in Nicaragua that we would clearly hear the voice of the Lord, that we would stand strong in the face of trials that are sure to come, and that we would press on towards the goal that He has set before us.

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1 thought on “Waiting on the Lord”

  1. Hi
    Im interested on the chance for translators for january 2017.
    I would like to get more info about it about schedule,regulations,help,etc
    Thanks a lot.
    Thanks for what you are doing for our nation.


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