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Nicaraguan Life

I first titled this post “Nicaraguan Adventures.” We certainly have been on many adventures since coming here, but to be honest it is everyday life that has touched my heart the most.

For the first month of our time in Nicaragua we were busy with groups, work and a lot of evangelism. We had a large medical team, a construction/well drilling team and a police training team in that time. It was our usual M.O. and we were so blessed by all the teams who gave of themselves to help us reach the people of Nicaragua for Christ

It wasn’t until after the first week of February that the rest of the WOTC staff returned to the States and we were left to continue life in Nicaragua.


Kids, school, cleaning, cooking, shopping, church, work, friends, ministry and more.




Life with stumbling tongues and joy-filled hearts as we have conversations and build friendships in a new language.

Life with less things and more people.

It isn’t the same, this life in Nicaragua.

Today Phillip took me to see a house, just for the fun of seeing it. It stuck out like a sore thumb. It was a large place that looked like it had been plucked up out of the United States suburbs. All I could think was, why?

Why did someone feel the need to bring the United States here? Could they not have been comfortable within the walls of Nicaraguan architecture? Not that it really mattered. After all, it was just a house. Maybe, though, a part of me has been like that house. Striving with every trip to be in Nicaragua without actually being a part of Nicaragua as I hold tightly onto my culture, my comforts and my language.

I pray that in the coming years we will have more opportunities to be a part of Nicaragua and to live life side by side with the people here.

Speaking of life, in the midst of the every day our lives have been busy planning and preparing for an upcoming Kids Camp happening mid-March. We will have a group of 16 people from Chicago joining us to minister into the lives of a little over 100 kids. This will be the first team to stay at the new Way of the Cross base camp, which, by the way, is awesome.


We are so excited about this base camp. It is located in the little town of Las Conchitas near Masaya. I look at this camp and can almost see the people coming and going, learning, sharing and praising; all for the glory of the Lord! I see opportunities previously unavailable, now open to us. Opportunities to minister deeper, longer and more steadfastly into the hearts of the people.

We can hardly wait.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I love all the pictures. The kiddos are growing up to fast. Keep posting. Love you guys. Keep doing what He wants you to do and saying what He wants you to say.

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