The Kiddos

We love being parents. It isn’t easy, but there are few greater joys in life than those found through parenting. So far, we have 4…

Emma- When we decided to have our first baby I was SO excited, and expected it to happen right away, but it didn’t. When Phillip tells the story he exaggerates  (a little) and says that he was SO happy when we found out we were going to have Emma because he didn’t have to deal with my drama and tears anymore. Of course, he was kidding (sort of). I learned a lot about trusting in God through that experience. Emma was born a month early on July 15th, 2008. She now loves drawing, cooking, playing dolls with her sisters and helping me out around the house (yes she really does love to help me cook and clean!).



Paige- God surprised (and blessed) us with our second child, conceived right after a miscarriage. After a failed (and slightly terrifying) epidural with Emma I decided to go (almost) all natural. She came into the world right on time (at 39 weeks) on May 28th, 2010. She now loves playing dress-up (and does so every day) and she puts on beautiful shows for us ranging from ballerina dances to karate kicks.



Olivia- Our third daughter kept us waiting until 41 weeks 6 days before she decided to come into the world. She was our best birth experience as we had her at a birthing center (unlike our other two hospital births). I had an all-natural water birth with her- and loved it! She was born on July 10th, 2012. She now loves playing with her sisters, dressing-up, and trying not to miss out on a single thing everyone else does.


Logan- Yes! We had a boy! Logan was born ON his due date, June 2nd, 2014. He was also a water birth born at the birthing center and he came after a very fast, 2 1/2 hour labor. So far he is my happiest baby. He rarely fusses and loves to smile and “talk”.



And for the curious minds out there wondering if we are “done” now that we have a boy- only time will tell! We are certainly open to adding more blessings to our family- with such cute faces who can blame us?



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