The Zincks- Who We Are

When I was little my dad would always say: “Remember who you are and whose you are.” The answer, of course, was not about our family or personality, but about our faith. We are Christians, and we belong to Christ.

My husband, Phillip, and I met on the mission field. I had been serving full-time as a missionary with Way of the Cross since 2003 and he had arrived in 2005. It was during disaster relief for Hurricane Katrina that we began our relationship. After long days of sorting and handing out clothes to disaster victims we would sit outside in the Burger King parking lot where we were camped out, with little regard for things like sleep, and talk. It seems we both knew pretty quickly that God had His hand on our budding relationship.

We were married February 18th, 2006, after 5 months of dating. Fast, I know, but I told people then and I still say it now, sometimes you just know. We had our first daughter (Emma) in 2008, our second (Paige) in 2010 and our third (Olivia) in 2012 and our first son (Logan) in 2014. We are homeschooling and we look forward to the adventures and challenges that await us as we continue to educate our children from our home (or wherever we may be).

We continue to serve the Lord as a part of Way of the Cross Ministries in Las Conchitas, Masaya, Nicaragua and we love nothing more than to do it as a family. Whatever we are doing, whether it is sharing the Gospel, doing office work or loading the dishwasher, we try to remember that it isn’t about us. Sure, we are the Zincks, a homeschooling family, parents of four beautiful children, missionaries and world-travelers, but we are nothing without Him and I pray that everyday we learn to reflect more of Christ in our lives.

1 thought on “The Zincks- Who We Are”

  1. Hello, I found you on the Christian Forums originally, and then followed your directions here. Do you work with people in Mexico and Nicaragua who cannot or do not like to read? I have a ministry that provides Talking Bibles to missionaries to give to these believers in third world countries or very poor areas of 2nd world countries. We do not ask the missionary to purchase these out of their monthly support. We need you and your family in the field. We contact churches and ask them to give for the needed Talking bibles. If you have an interest you can email me at or visit our website or our new website

    Kendall Fortner, Executive Director
    Give the Light
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