Living by Faith

“We live by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7).

No matter who you are or what you do for a living, if you believe that Jesus is your Savior you are living by faith. Whenever you read the word of God and apply it to your life, you are living by faith.

As full-time missionaries we use this phrase a lot. People ask, “how do you live?” and we answer “we live by faith.” Truth be told, any Christian should be able to answer this way. Every day we rely on the Lord to provide our needs. When we face times of hardships the Bible instructs us not to worry, because He will provide. So, as I begin this topic of living by faith, I want to put out there that we don’t do it any more than any other Christian should. We just do it in a different way.

What exactly does that mean? Our family (along with everyone else who works with Way of the Cross Ministries) does not receive a salary. The ministry provides housing and utilities for the missionaries but we must raise our own support for everyday expenses such as gasoline and diapers.

We don’t need a lot and we do our very best to spend what God has given us wisely and to live economically.

Occasionally we need to raise travel money in addition to raising everyday finances. It is getting more and more expensive for us to travel as  a family but we desire to continue doing missions together and we believe God will continue to provide for this need.

We rely on the body of Christ to join hands with us in the work that we do to make it happen. This allows us to give ourselves 24/7 to the work of the Lord. Phillip doesn’t have to go out and get a job that would take away from his time with the ministry, and we are able to commit ourselves fully to go and preach the Gospel wherever and whenever we are called.

Not everyone can do this, but God has made the body of Christ so unique that we all need each other to function fully. We cannot do this work without people who are willing to support us, and God has designed it this way. We believe that those who pray for us or support us financially are a part of the work we do, and in fact, are missionaries too.

So, if you feel the Lord leading you to support us in prayer, please let us know so we can keep you updated on our needs and prayer requests. If you feel led to support us financially, we have included a donate button on this page as well as on the sidebar of this blog. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, this must be done in a slightly different way and we would ask that you contact us by e-mail.

And remember, we all have our part in the body of Christ and we are all called to live by faith.

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