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32739631_1150928485047179_7900687981323747328_oIt’s amazing how fast things can change. In a moment an action or conviction can turn life upside down.

Nicaragua is facing such times. The people long for change in their government and nation, and they are taking a stand. The past month has been filled with protests, fights, marches, anger and sadness.

Our family has safely stayed here through all that is happening. It has been our privilege to pray for the people and help where we can. Many of the local markets have been closed, and people have been coming to the camp asking for help with rice. Had this happened two months ago, we wouldn’t have had any to give, but praise God we just had a container of food come into our warehouse.

It has been sad for us to watch the people in this country going through so much turmoil, but we know that God has not abandoned His people and He is moving in beautiful ways.

Our Bible study we hold every Saturday has grown tremendously in the past month. We see people struggling and through the pain, they are desiring more of God. At our last Bible study, we had nearly 100 people with new adults and kids. We were unprepared for the surge of kids, and ran short of the coloring page, but we were praising God for the increase of people desiring to know Him more.

We aren’t sure what our summer events are going to look like. There are currently many roadblocks throughout the country and it simply isn’t possible to travel at the moment. We are praying over the situation and we know that God will be glorified no matter what. If the roads are clear, then we will continue with our planned events. It is now, more than ever, that we need to shine the light of Christ and share the hope of the Gospel.

After our summer events are over, our family will be taking some time to travel in the United States. We would love to visit churches and share about ministry opportunities in Nicaragua. If we can’t make it to your church, we would love to grab a cup of coffee or meet over  a meal. We believe God is going to do something big, and we are preparing to serve Him as He calls us. We would love to reconnect with our partners and make new partnerships too.

Our family is also going to take some time to relax and renew our hearts in the Lord. Phillip and I are especially excited to have the opportunity to take a small vacation, just the two of us. It will be the first time we had an adult-only trip in 10 years.

As things are still uncertain, we are unable to set exact travel dates. However, we do know that we will be travelling through Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee and Oklahoma (and the states in-between or close by). If you would like us to visit your church, small group, or even just grab a quick meal, please e-mail or contact us on Facebook.

We appreciate your continued prayers for our family and for the people of Nicaragua.

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